Our Concern

Our school system faces multiple challenges – dealing with the operational and capital impacts of the pandemic, educating an increasingly diverse student population, and serving students and families with significant needs and limited means.  Historically, the County has been a national leader in public school education, and the school system has been a primary driver of economic growth in the County and in the State.  The County’s continued economic competitiveness depends on whether local elected officials – and the Maryland General Assembly – provide the resources necessary to support the many operational and capital needs of the school system.

Investing in our schools not only keeps our County competitive and prepares our future workforce, but it also contributes to the economic well-being of our community today.

By the Numbers

  • MCPS is the largest school system in Maryland, and the 14th largest in the United States
  • Total school system enrollment is expected to increase to 166,160 students by the 2027-2028 school year
  • Enrollment exceeds capacity in 30% of MCPS schools and in 12 of 25 MCPS high schools
  • MCPS anticipates middle school enrollment to increase by 4,300 over the next 5 years
  • As one of the most diverse school systems in the nation, MCPS has students from 156 countries speaking 132 languages
  • Nearly 16% of MCPS students participate in the English as a Second Language (ESOL) Program
  • Only 25.3% of MCPS students are white, non-Hispanic; more than one-third of MCPS students (33.5%) are Hispanic, with African Americans representing 21.9%, and Asians representing 14.0% of students
  • 62,000 students, or nearly 39% of MCPS enrollment, qualify for free and reduced meals; this represents an increase of nearly 15,000 students over the past decade

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