Voter Power

Our Concern

Many Montgomery residents feel disaffected and disenfranchised from decisions made by our local governments. Huge blocks of potential voters are left out by a closed political process. This very fact creates unhealthy conditions for our County’s future.

By the Numbers

  • County’s population at nearly 1.1 million residents
  • 800,000 adults eligible to vote
  • 655,000 current registered voters
  • 150,000 independent or unaffiliated registered voters
  • Only 16% voted in 2014 General Election, one of the lowest in Maryland
  • 88,000 voted in 2014 Democratic Primary
  • Over 400,000 registered voters failed to vote in 2014 elections
  • As few as 10% of County adults are making most political decisions; 90% often feel left out

Our Action Plan

  • Push for open primaries, enabling independents to vote in crucial primary elections for key state and local offices
  • Ease voting restrictions by considering all feasible options, such as vote by mail and phone, online and same day registration and moving election day
  • Expand opportunities for early and absentee voting
  • Develop campaign to reach communities with low voter turnout
  • Conduct more civic education in schools about the value of voting and participating in local community issues
  • Increased funding for the County’s Board of Elections and enhanced voting technologies